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To keep the EduCoin Ninja hyper-focused, we only allow libraries, public and private educational institutions, vocational schools and K-12 schools participate in our program.

In order to register, you must complete our application form. After we have time to review your application, we will send technical documents and a purchasing agreement.

While we don’t require you to purchase your hardware from us, we do offer it at extremely competitive rates, and they can come pre-installed with whatever systems you use. EduCoin Ninja will only be profitable on certain high-end systems, so we do not recommend using it on systems under our minimum specs.

Once EduCoin Ninja is installed on your new systems, you will be given access to a console to track your progress (and more importantly, track and collect your cash!)

If you have any questions about your qualification, please shoot us an email for a speedy resolution at tpowell@powelllabs.com.