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How it Works

EduCoin Ninja works by using idle GPU and CPU to mine various forms of crypto-currency. While we don’t focus on Bitcoin due to it’s sophistication, we do look at other forms, called alt coins, primarily one called Etherum. While the name is different, the fundamental concept is the same, and Etherum is converted in to BitCoin automatically per our platform.

What is crypto-currency and how is it “mined”?

EduCoin Ninja has a fine-tuned algorithm for optimizing computer performance operating in our mining pool to fully take advantage of idle resources. The average library computer is idle or powered off for 75% of it’s lifetime, sometimes even more!

Bitcoin mining & pools (Please note, we are not mining Bitcoin, so ASIC hardware isn’t necessary here)

Our own video is coming soon! These examples are informational, and we did not produce them. Credits provided at the end of each video.